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Board of Directors

Aaron Pettine

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Keeping his brother James's spirit alive through this foundation, built on JP's passion and values means the world to Aaron. His own technology, business, and creative background will help the JPIP achieve their goal to make a positive impact on the high-risk youth that are seeking a connection within the technology and innovation space. 

Rachel Pettine
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Rachel's background as a highly motivated and organized analyst as well as her passion for helping others has made Rachel a great fit for the JP Innovation Project. Getting to know James through Aaron and seeing how this initiative has helped him stay close to his brother has been a joy for Rachel to support.  Rachel looks forward to helping create opportunities for girls in STEM. 

Jackie Stevens, MD, PhD
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Jacqueline is originally from Vermont and is currently living in Boston finishing her medical residency in dermatology. She is excited to be a part of the JPIP team as she has many fond memories of James from growing up and thinks about him often - from skiing, to golfing, to embracing interests, and most of all in caring for other people, James remains an inspiration.


Craig Bodziner, CPA

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Craig has known the Pettine family for more than a decade is extremely excited to be a part of the JPIP team. He is a Certified Public Accountant who possesses accounting and financial expertise, and hopes to make a positive impact within the community by providing opportunities to children in need. 

Olivia Gonzalez
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Olivia is here because she believes in the transformative power of love and kindness. Whether it be the transformation of grief into connection, or the way education can change a child's life. All kinds of unthinkable transformations are possible when you put forward a piece of yourself without the expectation of anything in return.


Although Olivia didn't personally know James she is inspired by the stories of him. Her mother also passed away from cancer and although the work the JPIP team does can never bring her or James back, she believes it can heal. Through this healing she hopes it can also change other peoples' lives. Olivia is looking forward to applying her economics training, research on nonprofit finance, and her personal experiences in every way she can to advance this mission.

Nicole Sjoblom, PhD
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Born and raised in Vermont, Nicole grew up alongside James as close family friends. She especially remembers James from their summer gatherings at Lake Eden. James’ cancer impacted her life as she went on to work in research at Dana Farber Cancer Institute. Nicole went on to receive her Ph.D. in Biochemistry, actively leading community outreach and initiatives.


Nicole has worked with several organizations, schools, and universities to teach and create successful STEM programming. Nicole has many passions that she brings to this team including advocating for STEM to be inclusive and accessible and establishing successful partnerships. 

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